About Me

If you have been stuck for a while now, you are likely also worrying that life is passing you by, constantly undermining your own confidence, anticipating judgement from others, experiencing a strain on your relationships, and feeling trapped in by fear and overwhelm. 

I know this because I lived it. Almost a decade of stagnancy in an unfulfilling job and no plans for my future lead to self doubt, questions of my worth and hopelessness. I feared I reached my peek in life and didn’t see a way forward. 

I decided something had to change which is when I discovered health and life coaching. I fell in love with the coaching process and couldn’t get certified quickly enough. In my newfound passion I discovered freedom and fulfillment. 

I created Align Meant Coaching because I believe life is meant for more than just getting by and I want to be the conduit that connects you with what that ‘more’ looks like for you. It is time to finally experience your life of fulfillment and deeper meaning.

Bottom-Lining Why You're Stuck

To create the fulfillment you are longing for, your external reality and internal desires need to mirror each other. From this alignment comes personal freedom. I believe this pursuit is the one most worth investigating in life. I also believe it is worth investing time, energy and money into. You might not yet know what is truly possible when you say yes to investing in yourself, but by now you can be confident in the fact that if you continue doing nothing, nothing will change. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing and relying on excuses like, “it’s not the right time”, “I’ll never follow through”, or “I haven’t done enough on my own to deserve help yet”. Take it from me, nothing gets figured out in your mind and it is never the “right” time. Your transformation lives in your actions. The bolder your actions, the more expansive and aligned your life becomes. If you’ve been going in circles for a while now, it is time to take imperfect action; it is time to feel unready and do it anyway.

What even IS a life coach?

A life coach is someone who challenges you to question how you approach every aspect of your life, empowers you to unlock your potential so you can create anything you desire, and inspires you to change the way you live day to day to be more in line with who you want to be. 

Most importantly, what coaching offers is getting you into ACTION. When it comes to creating meaningful change in your life, you don’t need more information. You need the support, the system and the accountability that will stretch you beyond your comfort and into the experience of life you deeply desire.

Life coaches are NOT fixers. They see everyone as whole and capable to achieve the life and health they want. You have all the tools you need to be your own hero. My job is to stretch and support you. I KNOW that you have the potential to create the life you deeply desire. And I wholeheartedly believe that there is a future version of you that has already realized this desire. It’s up to you to lean into that life now and take the actions necessary to get it.