About Me

If you’ve been stuck and going in circles for a while now, you’ve probably noticed a few things. As you worry that life is passing you by, you’re likely undermining your own confidence constantly, assuming judgement from others, experiencing a strain on your relationships, losing trust in yourself, all while feeling trapped in by fear and overwhelm. The “is this really IT for me?” voice in your head gets louder every single day.

I know this because I experienced it. Over a decade of stagnancy in an unfulfilling job and no plans for a better future created a whirlpool of self doubt, despair and loneliness within me. I feared I reached my peek in life. It was like something outside of myself was always controlling my experience and I didn’t see a way forward.

I created Align Meant coaching because I believe life is meant for more than just getting by, and I want to be the conduit that connects you to whatever that deeper meaning is for you. I had coaches and mentors be that channel for me and it helped me put the control of my life back in my hands. I went from just getting through each day and questioning my own worth, to knowing and doing exactly what fulfills me. Somewhere in between I got my health, life, and TCM coaching certifications, and quit my job to pursue my passion. The liberation that followed made me feel like I could breath again while being able to participate in the excitement life has to offer. From this place I created my own system and programs to help others achieve their personal fulfillment.

Bottom-Lining Why You're Stuck

To create the fulfillment you’re longing for, your external reality and internal desires need to mirror each other. From this alignment comes personal freedom. I believe this pursuit is the one most worth investigating in life. I also believe it is worth investing time, energy and money into. You might not yet know what’s truly possible when you say yes to investing in yourself in this way, but by now you can be confident in the fact that if you continue doing nothing, nothing will change. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing and relying on excuses like, “it’s not the right time”, “I haven’t done enough on my own to deserve help yet”, or, my personal favorite,  “I want to have all of my ducks in a row before taking any action”. Take it from me, nothing gets figured out in your mind or when suspended in limbo. Your answers live in your actions. The bolder your actions, the more expansive and aligned your life becomes. 

What even IS a life coach?

This is my favorite question. Why? Because I get it. I used to furrow my eyebrows at the title “life coach” whenever I heard it. “What does that even MEAN?” I’ve clearly come a long way since then! And, to cut through some of the question marks, I crafted the greatest and simplest response, so here it is: if you’re someone who hates where you ARE and you want to be literally anywhere ELSE, and you want to do it right NOW…I can help with that! That’s the short and sweet of it!

While that seems wildly simple, as someone who has struggled with being stuck in her life and deeply unfulfilled I understand that when you suffer in this way everything else in your life suffers with you. And, let’s face it, if you knew what you wanted out of life you or how to have it, you would have gotten it by now. I say that lovingly and to acknowledge that you pay a high price when you live each day lost. This is why in my practice being a life coach means helping you find and create meaning, excitement and your own personal fulfillment on this wild ride we call life.