Welcome to Align Meant

Hi! I’m Steph, founder of Align Meant Coaching and life coach to women who are in search of their place in this crazy world. My clients come to me because they are stuck and unfulfilled in life. I help them gain direction and discover their purpose so they can fully own their lives. 

My mission is to help women find their identity, passions and zest for life. Whether they once had all of these things and somehow found themselves lost, or they never came to find these answers to begin with, we work to uncover what drives and fulfills them on a deeper level. 

Life should never be about surviving or “just getting by”. Too many of us work so hard to tick off all the boxes only to wake up and realize it is not at all what we want. Now what? Don’t get stuck here. Don’t settle. Don’t waste your life going in circles “trying to figure it out”. 

Get out of being IN limbo ON autopilot so you can be IN purpose ON purpose…TODAY. 


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1-1 Coaching

Work With Me

As a certified life coach, I work with women 1-on-1 to help create a sense of clarity about the direction and purpose they really want to have in life.

We work to discover the essential building blocks for having the life they dream about, determine exactly what’s getting in the way of them having it, and identify powerful actions that will move them towards the purpose they desire.